Beena Pillai
Principal Investigator
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I am fascinated by the brain (and the mind), the complexity of the organ and the specialized functions of the cell types.  The fact that many neurodegenerative diseases do not have any therapeutic solutions adds to the relevance of this research area.  Neurons and glia are the major cell types present in the brain. Although they arise from the same neural stem cells, they have distinctly different properties that they acquire during development. We are now interested in identifying non-coding RNAs and histone variants that participate in this differentiation program.

The ability of neurons to regenerate under the influence of extrinsic factors offers a less-explored avenue for therapeutic development.  We are also trying to isolate and characterize potential neurogenesis inducing factors from earthworms, since they have neuro-regenerative capabilities. 

I love reading books and all kinds of crafts. I am also music deaf and my only attempt at learning a sport ended prematurely when I dropped a shot-put on my own foot!  Never again have I ventured into a sports field. 

Aksheev Bhambri
Ph.D student

I am interested in finding the mechanism of neuroinflammation occuring during polyglutamine aggregation in Spinocerebellar Ataxia 17 (SCA17) model. I am fascinated by the disease effects on astrocytes and its therapeutic implications, if any.

Surendra Singh Patel
Ph.D student

I am interestedin finding the factors which can accelerate nerve regeneration or repair process after injury by using Eisenia fetida (Earthworm) as a source.

Divya Chaubey
Ph.D student

I am interested in non-coding RNAs that are inherited from parents to progeny and their role in patterning zebrafish brain and their effect on physiological and pathological neuronal function (molecular, cellular and behavioural).

rpita Konar


I am interested in deciphering the molecular scars of early life Trauma induced psychiatric disorders. 

Munish Pal
Ph.D student

I am interested in the elucidation of the function  of a novel long noncoding RNA, Durga, and its significance in the brain, which is associated with remodeling of dendrites.

Dheeraj Joshi
Ph.D student

I am interested in understanding the possible role of long - non coding RNAs in zygotic genome activation and its impact on developmental processes.

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