Graduate students

Aksheev Bhambri (2015-2020)

Thesis title: Understanding inter and intra-cellular signaling in polyglutamine diseases

Mayuresh Anant Sarangdhar (2013-2018)

Thesis title: Regulation of gene expression in neurogenesis and neural cell specification

Currently Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Bern, Switzerland

Shivani Gupta (2013-2018)

Thesis title: Role of histones and histone variants in neurogenesis

Rakesh Dey (2013-2018)

Thesis title: Role of miRNA in HIV-1 disease progression

Bharat Ravi Iyengar (2012-2017)

Thesis title: Experimental and mathematical analysis of miRNA mediated gene regulatory network motifs

Ashwini Choudhary (2009-2014)

Thesis title: Role of microRNA mediated gene regulation in neurogenesis and neurodegeneration

Reema Roshan (2008-2013)

Thesis Title: Functional studies on transcriptional defects associated with polyglutamine expansion in TATA box binding protein and its cellular effects

Kartik Soni (2007-2012)

Thesis title: Mechanism of microRNA mediated regulation of gene expression: Development and disease

Currently Postdoctoral Fellow at Institut Pasteur

Rhishikesh Bargaje (2006-2011)

Thesis title: Integrated analysis of gene expression by correlating the transcriptome, miRNome and proteome.

Currently Postdoctoral Fellow at Institute of Systems Biology, Seattle

Tanay Ghosh (2003-2008)

Thesis title: Study of the transcriptional basis of neuronal function and dysfunction

Currently Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Cambridge, UK