PhD students:

Currently the lab has its full compliment of PhD students. Till 2011, there are no positions for PhD students.

Project assistants:

Interested candidates are welcome to send their CV by e-mail. Please answer to the following questions, clearly, in your e-mail:

  • What do you hope to achieve by being in the lab? (for instance, technical training, publications to strengthen your CV, knowledge in the specific fields we work in)
  • What are your career plans? (How long do you want to stay in the lab? )

Post-doctoral Fellows:

Besides the questions mentioned above, it will be important to highlight your technical skills. Candidates with experience in the following fields would be preferred:

  • Primary culture of neural cells
  • Co-immunoprecipitation of proteins
  • Confocal microscopy

Short term trainees:

We are not accepting applications for short-term training in 2010, because the projects we are currently involved in are not suitable for technical training.